David Maas (Admiral Sananda) sta_nice_pic_of_some_treesarted producing music around 1998 when he received a copy of the original Propellerhead Reason as a gift. Music he produces is mellow and far out – invoking spacey landscapes and aural journeys.

Admiral Sananda’s DJ sets treat sound irreverently and target all the points where one type of sound becomes indistinguishable from another. Over the years this has been honed to a unique and mind expanding sound with distinct influences from the American Rave movement.

David now resides in Salt Lake City, and is always down to DJ. He mainly performs psytrance but also can play various types of house music.



Picture of a collaboration with a singer/guitarist

Upcoming Gigs

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Upcoming: Garden of Hedon at Element 11, Electric Pow Wow: A New Beginning (Dope Souls/EC)

Previous Gigs

2024 – Pride at Milk+ (Electronic Continuum), Upcoming: Garden of Hedon at Element 11, Electric Pow Wow: A New Beginning (Dope Souls/EC)
2023 – EDMX 1.2 at Boomerangs SLC (Electric Continuum), ClubFree in Finnegan’s Basement (Alliance House monthly), Magical Mondays at Boomeranges SLC, Coldstorage #168, EDMX 1.8 at Boomerangs SLC
2022 – Feel the Trance XX at Boomerangs SLC (Electric Continuum), Atlantic Progression Live Stream (Atlantic Progression), Electric Pow Wow at Weber Memorial Campground (Dope Souls / Electronic Continuum stage)
2021 – Live Stream (C0ldstorage), Incandescence Festival at Seabase (Electronic Continuum stage)
2020 – Frost Byte at WhySound (Soitis), In the Name of Art (Soitis), Freaky Farm Fest (Blue Barn)
2019 – Live ambient music at Good Grammar Bar (Grown Goonz)
2018 – Feel the Trance 003 at the Fahrenheit Lounge (Electric Continuum)
2017 – NYE Mansion Party (Roger’s mansion), Feel the Trance 002 at the Fahrenheit Lounge (Feel the Trance – recording)
2016 – Spring Break at The Avalon (Mayhem), Nergy at the Epic Lounge (Nergy), Kingdom at the Union (Mayhem), 1Life at the Belasco (1Life), Fallout Renegade in the Mojave (Nergy), Till the Sunrise in the Mojave (LimeLight Prod, semi-cancelled), Epic Lounge b2b Albert Moore, Apollo Gathering (Apollo Project), Garden of Eden at the Belasco (Motive Events), Soultruistic (open decks)
2010 – 6th Annual Rhythmic Music Festival (Tranceparent Productions)
2008 – Helped throw a music festival in Temecula, another in Hollywood
2006 – 2007 – Sunyata Records weekly kegger resident
2005 – Live EDM (keyboard) w/ small band at a party in Antelope Valley

Admiral Sananda (David Maas) in his natural habitat